Greatest concept for week in eastern Europe

Thanks to small airline companies, we’ve a lot of different travel destinations possible at the moment. When we like, we may go to very distant lands, such as South America for instance. Beside, we may have a city break in one of huge, western metropolis, like Rome or Barcelona. But some tourists, who prefer less typical concepts, should find alternatives above much more interesting.

Have you ever been to Bulgaria? If not, you need to change it immediately. Especially, since flights to Sofia, the capital of this spectacular country, are in very attractive price. If you decide to go there, you must to have a little sightseeing. If you’re a fan of Orthodox churches, this is perfect destinations for you. There are plenty astonishing buildings this kind, from various art styles. But don’t forget, if you like to get the best deal on your flights to Sofia, you need to book your tickets at least three months before, especially if you are planning to go there during summer. But if you want to spend like nothing (let’s talk), May or June should be ideal.
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And what with flights to Latvia? This is also a magnificent idea for holidays, also if you like to lay on a sand. Cause if you decide to go to Riga, the capital of that country, you will have a chance not only do some sightseeing, but even get tan. Although thisarea is situated at north, it lays in a bay, therefore temperature in sea in time of the summer is very nice. Also, you will find plenty of great monuments in there ([view]). Entire old town of Riga is true masterpiece. It’s basically the square, connected with a lot of small, narrow streets, filled with Medieval and Baroque buildings.

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If you aren’t an admirer of hot temperature, but you like to have fun on a beach, select flights to Latvia – the capital is amazing city. For much more hotter temperature, and cruise filled with old, Orthodox temples, nicest call could be Sofia.