Select decent type of baggage before your flight

Right now, when Poland is member of European Union since more then 10 years, Polish people are choosing air jet a lot. Nothing surprising in that, cause prices of airline tickets are really attractive, thanks to small airline companies.

When you’re planning your first flight, you need to prepare for it very well, if you want your ticket to be as cheap as possible, and to avoid unpleasant situations.


If you are planning to travel somewhere just for several days, you don’t need extra luggage, because carry on bag should be enough. In most of airline carriers, it is in dimension of a medium valise, so you will fit in there many of clothes. But if you want to put in there either any cosmetics, you have to fallow those couple rules. Each of the fluids, like creams and balms, need to be putted inside small, 100 ml tops transparent bottles. Beside, each of it need to be fit inside plastic bag, also transparent ( In time of your security check, you must to remove it from your carry on bag, and give it to person that is dealing with you.


If you are planning bigger trip, the best option would be registered luggage Weight of it could be a lot higher then in carry on – similar is with size (click on offer). Beside, if you are planning to visit some friends abroad, and you like to give them some Polish liquors or meals, you are able to put it up there – it is not possible with carry on bag. Another thing you have to remember, is luggage weight. Of course, it could be higher then regular, but there is still certain limitation, various in each company.
Planning your first journey by plane could be really stressful, especially when you do not know a thing about rules in baggage alternatives.

According of length of your trip, various valise will be nicer for you. And do not to read very carefully rules of your air company before your trip, to avoid additional costs and to got a pleasant check out.